Photo Pricing

Photoshopping Only                                   

           Digital File Emailed or on CD

Portfolio Prints (without Photoshopping)   

Portfolio Prints (with Photoshopping)   

            9x12, 8x10, 8.5x11

Model/Zed Cards    




Headshots with Resumes on Back                                      


$20 per photo

$25 per photo

$45 per photo

$150 for 25 cards

$175 for 50 cards

$225 for 100 cards

$115 for 25

$130 for 50

$130 for 100


$150 for 25

$175 for 50

$225 for 100

Filming Fees

Acting Demo Reel

Singing Demo Reel

Modeling Demo Reel

Professional high quality, one minute reels:


$150 as per agent/casting directors’ requests

Photoshoots with Staff and Visiting Celebrity Photographers

Staff Photographers
$125 per look ($95 for JNA students and grads)

Celebrity Photographers
$175 per look


Make-Up/ Styling Services available for an additional $75 

Call Call 707-575-8585 or e-mail us at to schedule!

Check out some photos of our models and talent!

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