Scholarship Foundation

The Julie Nation Academy Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit corporation, held separately from the Academy, whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for economically challenged students. The Foundation provides access for students to participate in programs that will give them greater self-esteem, confidence, and the tools to enhance their lives. Our Self-Improvement program is a highly motivational course teaching students the power of a strong self-perception, overcoming adversity such as peer pressure and bullying, and developing career planning goals and strategies. This program is 20 hours in length and is conducted in both workshop format during two-hour weekly sessions or in a one-week long summer camp. The Self-Improvement program also teaches skills in leadership and job interviewing. In today's changing world, the Foundation is committed to guiding students in building inner strength and the skills to live happy and successful lives.

The Foundation offers two types of scholarships to qualifying individuals: full scholarships and partial scholarships which can be combined with a Work Study program.

To begin the Scholarship Application process, please fill out a Scholarship Application Form and submit it via email to Julie Nation.

The Foundation and it's Board of Directors would like to thank the following donors:

Afrikana House

The Bus Shoppe

Double Decker Lanes

Andrea Emerson

Jennifer Farmer


Mike & Shannon German

Jacqueline Hayward

Kelley Sechrist

Purple Wine + Spirits

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SHE Boutique

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Julie Nation-Bowman

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Contributions to the non-profit Julie Nation Academy Scholarship Foundation are tax-exempt.

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