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How to Prepare for a Headshot Photo Shoot

Headshots are the bread and butter of the entertainment industry; every model, actor, singer, or performer needs one to market themselves to agents, casting directors, and potential clients. Here are some tips for preparing for your headshot photo shoot in order to get dynamite results.

Remember, when taking photos for use in the entertainment industry, you need to make sure you are using an industry-approved photographer. This will be someone who has experience taking photos of models and actors who are actively working, and their photos are currently being used by agents. Julie Nation Academy exclusively uses industry-approved photographers.

Come 10 minutes early to your scheduled photo shoot appointment; come “camera ready.” Checklist for being “camera ready” includes:

  • Hair cut/trimmed and styled the way you want it for your photos. If a stylist is included in your photo shoot, they will be able to help with minor hair styling, but will not have time to fully straighten/curl hair, etc.

  • Make-up for girls/women: age-appropriate natural or modeling make-up completed prior to arrival, unless a make-up artist has been arranged at your shoot. Make-up artists can be arranged for an additional $50 for shoots with in-house photographers, and must be scheduled when making your photo shoot appointment. No noticeable make-up is advised for ages 11 and under.

  • Medium-toned, solid colors are best—no detailed/busy print, plaids, graphics, or logos. If a blazer or jacket is used, it should also be a solid color and can be different but harmonious with your shirt/blouse/t-shirt, etc. White is not preferred. It is best to bring a second change or additional clothing options, so the photographer can help you choose.

  • Think---Body conscious! This does not mean “tight” but rather clothing that fits the body well. Steer clear of big coats that are puffy or bulky, or blouses or shirts that are too loose or happen to be too big. Flowy shirts do not show what your figure looks like and can actually make you look bigger. Avoid strapless and sleeveless tops for headshots.

  • Facial jewelry should be removed. Women may wear simple stud earrings, but avoid other jewelry as it can be distracting.

  • All photo shoots must be paid in full one week in advance. There are no refunds, but your photo shoot can be rescheduled due to weather conditions, illness, or another unavoidable interruption. We understand that cancellations happen, and if you are unable to attend your photo shoot, we are able to reschedule for a better date. As agents currently prefer outdoor lifestyle shots, photo shoots may need to be cancelled due to weather conditions. If this happens, we will notify you as soon as possible and reschedule for another day.

  • Please allow ten business days to receive your photos, which will have a minimum of 36 images included, already narrowed down by the photographer for your best choices. These photos will not be photoshopped or edited, and we highly recommend you do photoshop images you plan to use socially and professionally. You own your images, and have our staff photographer’s release/permission to take to a lab of your choice for photo-shopping and/or printing. If you are interested, we provide these services; please inquire as to our rates, as they are very competitive.

  • The goal of the headshot photo shoot is to achieve one excellent image, and many are taken to achieve this goal. You will most likely have several you are satisfied with, and if so and you want our advice, please share your top three favorites and we will give you our opinion. Your photos are kept on our computer, so this selection can easily be accomplished over the phone.

  • Allow approximately 30 minutes for each “look” (not including hair and makeup time, if booking the stylist). So if you are doing a 2 look shoot, allow an hour. It may not take this full time, and your shoot may end early or run later. We appreciate your flexibility.

  • Most importantly, enjoy your shoot! Relax, smile, take deep breaths. Your relaxed “this is fun” composure all shows up in your facial expressions, and besides, photo shoots are fun!

The ultimate goal of your headshot is to show your personality! So sit back, relax, and let the real YOU shine through!

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