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Congratulations to our Showcase 2016 Successes!

Congratulations to all of the Julie Nation Model & Talent Showcase participants in November 2016 on another successful event!

We were so thrilled that agents and casting directors were able to find some great new talent in Modeling, Acting, Singing, Dance, and Voiceover.

Please join us in congratulating the following participants on their Showcase successes:

  • Valentina A.- signed with Stars and WHO Management

  • Natalya S.- landed a role in an upcoming film with Dreamweaver Productions

  • Ashlee A.- booked a Great America ad campaign shoot through HMM, and signed with JE Model

  • Leora S.- booked a Great America ad campaign shoot through HMM, and signed with WHO Management

  • Ella S.- signed with Stars

  • Joshua A.- signed with Stars and WHO Management

  • Lulu C.- signed with Look

  • Ashleigh A.- signed with Look

  • Ellie M.- signed with WHO Management

  • Rachel C.- signed with WHO Management

  • Brian E.- booked a fashion show with Eddie Cotillon

  • Monica B.- signed with WHO Management

  • Grant H.- booked a fashion show with Eddie Cotillon

  • Mayra B. - signed with WHO Management

  • Karina M.- signed with WHO Management

  • Vanessa E.- signed with HMM

  • Cathia S.- signed with HMM

  • Tyler K. - signed with Look

The following participants are also attending followup meetings with various agents in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will keep us posted of who they decide to sign with:

  • Faith D.

  • Eliana F.

  • Maxwell C.

  • Jessica H.

  • Gerardo S.

  • Te'ajhay E.

  • Devin L.

  • Blake C.

  • Janet Lynn S.

As of right now, these numbers indicate that at least 50% of participants at our Nov. 19th event have the opportunity to start their careers in the entertainment industry as a direct result of attending Showcase 2016. And these are just the success stories we know about! If you participated in Showcase 2016, make sure you update us with your status so we can keep our list growing!

All Showcase participants receive valuable feedback from panel members in order to continue growing as performers, and are also eligible for any modeling, acting, or performing opportunities received through our Casting Department. Whether or not you received a contract offer from Showcase, we believe all of our participants are winners!

Could you be the next Julie Nation success story? Don't miss our next Model & Talent Showcase, taking place in Santa Rosa, California, on Saturday, April 29, 2017! Click here for more information.

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