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Ready to Work Award

All Julie Nation Academy students and graduates are eligible to receive a variety of awards based on their performance in and out of the classroom. These awards can be listed on your resume to highlight your strengths and achievements, and nominations are made by Julie Nation Academy staff and instructors.

We are thrilled to be able to present these awards to nominated recipients during our 45th Anniversary Graduation & Awards Luncheon, in front of an audience that will include agents, casting directors, industry leaders, and our community.

Awards you may be eligible to receive include:

  • Outstanding Participation Award

  • Presented to students who go above and beyond in participating in classroom discussions and/or community activities.

  • Perfect Attendance Award

  • Presented to students who have never missed a class during their assigned schedule.

  • Excellent Attendance Award

  • Presented to students who have made up any missed classes in a timely fashion.

  • Professional Attitude Award

  • Presented to students who demonstrate upbeat and professional attitudes in class, who show a real interest in taking their classes and careers seriously by coming prepared, asking appropriate questions, being on time, etc.

  • Personality Award

  • Presented to students who are positive, courteous, kind, friendly, and helpful to their classmates, and are a pleasure to be around.

  • Professional Appearance Award

  • Presented to students who arrive to all classes and events with a put-together appearance appropriate for the occasion. This includes dressing up in “daytime sharp” attire, and having age appropriate and well-applied, natural makeup and hair styling.

  • Superior Progress Award

  • Presented to students who show a dramatic improvement in their skills and abilities from their first day of class to their last.

  • Exceptional Skills: Communications

  • Presented to students who demonstrate excellence in their communication skills including responding professionally/promptly to all Academy communications, interviewing skills, promotional modeling, and/or acting.

  • Exceptional Skills: Runway Modeling

  • Presented to students who demonstrate excellence on the runway including posture, walk, pacing, posing, and knowledge/execution of turns.

  • Exceptional Skills: Photo Posing

  • Presented to students who demonstrate excellence in photo shoots, including posing technique, facial expressions, and moving naturally in front of the camera.

  • Outstanding Student Award

  • This is THE top Academy Award for students who are committed to their studies and go above and beyond what is required of them. Receive recognition as an Outstanding Student for your Attendance, Appearance, and Attitude! This award demonstrates to agents and potential clients that you show up when you say you will, take pride in your personal presentation and appearance, are a pleasure to work with, have demonstrated proficiency in your skills, and are a role model and shining example to others.

  • Ready to Work Award

  • Casting placement services are offered to ALL of our students and graduates as a free service, but we will be giving priority to those who receive a "Ready to Work" Award, demonstrating their preparedness to go on auditions. "Ready to Work" talent will be the first talent we submit to clients when they are looking for models and actors. To receive your "Ready to Work" award, you must have complete professional materials specific to your area of interest, as well as pass a live audition with Julie Nation staff.

  • Ambassador's Club

  • Refer a friend who enrolls in a Julie Nation program, and you will receive a $100 gift certificate to apply towards your account balance, another program at Julie Nation’s, our Model & Talent Showcase, or a 2 or more look photo shoot with in-house photographer Harasyn Sipes. Thank you for being an Ambassador and sharing the Julie Nation experience with others!

To learn more about what awards you may be eligible to receive, or what you need to do in order to become eligible, please contact us to schedule a private appointment.

For more information or to purchase tickets to attend our 45th Anniversary Graduation & Awards Luncheon, please click here.

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