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Frequently Asked Questions About Modeling & Acting

How do Julie Nation classes benefit my child?

Modeling, acting, and other performing arts are like any other profession and require training and special skills. Like any other job, if you have two candidates applying for the same position where one has training and experience while the other candidate does not, often times the person with training and experience will have the competitive edge. Julie Nation Academy strives to give its students this advantage in the entertainment industry. Students will also take home skills that can be applied in their everyday lives including interviewing, public speaking, self-esteem and confidence, communication and leadership skills, visual poise, and much more!

Can you guarantee me or my child a job?

No one can every guarantee you or your child a modeling or acting job. This ultimately rests with the decision regarding who the client chooses to hire. However, we will best prepare our students to take advantage of job opportunities that arise and to maximize their marketability. We have helped start many careers through our Model & Talent Showcase, and also place our students and graduates in a variety of castings that come into our offices in print, runway, acting, promotional modeling, and more. But again, your success will be determined by largely by you as well as the client hiring talent.

I’m worried about getting my child involved in the entertainment industry because I’ve heard so many stories about young people in Hollywood getting involved with bad crowds. Will my child be exposed to that?

Julie Nation Academy’s core curriculum is based on Self-Improvement and building positive self-esteem and confidence. These life skills will help people of all ages make good decisions and resist peer pressure that can arise in different situations. Teaching our students to be leaders has been instrumental in developing positive relationships and healthy habits. Also, the Labor Department requires a credentialed teacher on set to guarantee the safety of the child and see that professional standards are kept on set.

What happens after I complete my training at Julie Nation Academy?

We hope that after completing your program you meet your career goals, including getting an agent and starting professional work, if that is your desire. Julie Nation staff also offers Progress & Career Counseling to help you achieve these goals. We aim to maintain relationships with all of our graduates after they complete a program at Julie Nation’s and offer opportunities like our Graduation Lunch and Awards Celebration, eligibility for castings, free refresher classes, fashion shows, and more. By signing up for our mailing list, you can stay up to date with all of our events and opportunities.

Common Misconceptions About Modeling/Acting

Misconception 1: Models and Actors get discovered on the street or at the mall all the time.

The Reality: Becoming successful in the entertainment industry requires hard work, persistence, and networking. Sure, the Cinderella stories do happen, but they are the exception and not the general rule. You have to be your own advocate…don’t just wait to be discovered! Decide if this career is something you are ready to commit to and take action by getting training and exposure.

Misconception 2: I don’t need to invest any money in my modeling career.

The Reality: Many people are under the popular impression that a modeling career will come for free if they are “attractive enough.” Unfortunately, that’s not how the industry works. Appearance and attitude are part of the success formula, as is the model and actor’s skill level. As an aspiring model or actor, it is often your responsibility to pay for travel expenses, professional photos, training, even website maintenance fees. Agents don’t make money until you make money, so it doesn’t make sense for them to front costs for you when there is no guarantee you will get work to pay them back. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is standard for you to invest some money into your career. Do, however, be wary of agencies that say they will sign you after you pay a certain amount of money. This could be a red flag for a scam!

Misconception 3: Being a professional model or actor means I’m going to be famous!

The Reality: There are many models and actors working professionally in the entertainment industry whose names you may not recognize immediately but are still getting paid a substantial salary and working regularly, including Julie Nation Academy students and graduates! There are many achievable opportunities in this industry that many people don’t consider but lead to very rewarding careers. Sure, you may go on to be a world-famous movie star, but you also may end up with a career in catalog modeling or in TV commercials. There are so many different paths and levels in the complex world of performing arts, and just because you may not become famous doesn’t mean you won’t be successful!

Are you ready to start your career in the entertainment industry? Check out our classes or our Showcase to start living your dream today!

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