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A Letter From Julie Nation Academy

With heavy hearts, sadness and pain, we continue to watch the division across the country. It has been a painful week for our nation as people protest the killing of George Floyd, and all those killed before him at the hands of injustice.

Our hearts are also with those many businesses, trying to reopen after the impacts of the virus, to be at the mercy of vandalism and looting by the hands of those choosing to take advantage of peaceful protesting. Our prayers are also with these business owners who are enduring yet another challenge.

We will all need to work together to effect permanent change. If this past week causes a vibrant new commitment to justice for all, on all of our parts, then a great good will be achieved. We all know this change begins by each of us examining our own hearts to eradicate the slightest hint of racism, then join with others to create the change we desire to see in our society at every level.

At Julie Nation Academy we join with you to achieve this goal of equality and justice. We have long aspired to offer our community a school built on love of each student, where all are treated with the highest standard of respect and dignity. We are proud of the modeling and entertainment industry where diversity and an individual's talent has long been valued and desired. 

We know every life has value and this is why we support 

Black Lives Matter.

Things we can all do to help:

Become Involved:

Join (or increase your involvement) in an organization, service club, or church of your choice that is also committed to the goals of injustice and human decency

Petitions to sign:

· Justice for George Floyd (

· Colors of Change #justiceforfloyd

· Justice for Breonna Taylor (

· Justice for Ahmaud Arbery (



Educate yourself

Get clued up about the anti-racist struggle. Read up on why people are protesting. As well as speaking out, take some time to listen and absorb the stories and messages coming from the black community.

Donate to causes that need funding:

· Black Lives Matter

· Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

· NAACP Legal Defense Fund

· American Civil Liberties Union

· Know Your Rights Camp

Support Black creators and business owners:

Buy their books, music or films; amplify their voices by sharing or retweeting; and support their shops and restaurants.

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